Testimonials from our customers

"The pain salve has been more effective on my children’s diaper rashes not only for pain relief, but nearly overnight resolution of the rash itself. I also use this regularly on my neck for muscle soreness and it always helps me relax." 

                                                           - Kelli Bonde

"The Transcendence Salve is amazing for preventing wind burn and cold sores. It's also fantastic for burns and cuts."  

                                                           - Lynn Keller

"Love the salves, vanilla lip balm, my go to is the

Transcendence Cream!!" 

                                                           - Aja Schieman

"I have super dry skin, so I get flakey with any moisturizer. I have been using the transcendence night cream for the past 6 months or so (not just at night!), and it has been a God send. It is kind of greasy at first, but after primer and make up it leaves my skin looking dewy and moist--which is a first for me! I have pretty sensitive skin also and I have never broken out from it. I love that it's natural and local!"

                                                           - Shana Sommerfeldt

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