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Your Chakra System and keeping it in balance.

We are created with a energetic system with centers that are called chakras, there are 7 major and there is also minor ones in our joints. when we get tired, stressed, become ill the chakra system can get out of balance and need some extra support. Also when a person experiences a trauma the energetic system will shift outside the body. If you have ever heard the term she was beside herself, it actually happens. The technique that I am going to share with you is called the chakra connection, created by Brew Joy. See the diagram or you can follow along with me doing the technique on Youtube. my channel is grandmawillow, and it is The Chakra connection. This is great work to a couple times a month to keep you system in balance. Thank you for reading. Grandma Willow.

Chakra connection practice, Hold each position for 6 breathes and think the montra. Open , Connect and Balance.

represents the chakra system

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