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Clear off the craggy road dust ,freshen,and balance your space.

Our world is made up of vibrations and frequencies, some of them mesh with our system and some don't. As we move through our day sometime we feel heaviness, or out of balance and we don't know why. The easiest place to start is clearing our field and that can be done with saging. Saging is burning sage and brushing the smoke from the sage all over our self and in the area around the person. This will clear off the energies that aren't for our highest good. After saging then burn palosanto , sweet grass, or cedar to bring in positive energy. This technique can be used in buildings, homes , or can be done to objects that you bring in the home. When you move into a new space it is nice to clear the space. This will help clear out the energy that can hang around from other folks who live in the space before. I created a spray that contains all needed for clearing the space. It has sage, cedar ,juniper, and sweet grass. So it can be used on people or spaces, nice for when you stay in hotels or if in a space where you can't burn items. It can also to be used in children's rooms if they are having problems sleeping . Let them spray their room ,in corners , under the bed. This will clear the space and let them rest better. I find I do a clearing at change of each season, along with other times if I experience any of the above issues. Check out the online store to get a bottle today. Thank you for reading. Grandma willow

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